Meet the Geeks

East Coast Wine Geeks are a group of friends in the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.  Together, they enjoy sharing good wine, good company, and good conversation.



Ring Leader Chris is a document controller for an engineering firm in the Southside of Pittsburgh. He enjoys playing World of Warcraft, reading, and beer tasting (in addition to the wine, of course!). Chris particularly enjoys dry red wines. He is known for his blunt sense of humor and is the ring leader in all things wine related.



Wine Ambassador Jen currently works for a certain Swedish furniture company. She enjoys writing, music and wine (of course). She loves dry white wines, dry red wines and dry humor. An odd reaction to Chardonnay often makes her loopy after just one glass. Unfortunately, Chardonnay is her favorite!



Wine Geek-to-Be Roman is the toddler son of Chris and Jen, and already wishes he could be a full-fledged wine geek. When he isn't running all over the house, he is busy dipping his binky in coffee, trying to convince Uncle Joey to let him sample some beer, and otherwise ruling the roost. His favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings, where he loves anything with blue cheese dressing.



Beer Relief Joe is happy to contribute his entertaining insights into current events, but admits he prefers beer to wine. He can appreciate the effort and artistry in creating wine, as he recently became a home brewer.



Design Maven Although Kim grew up in the Pacific Northwest, she is still learning about wines. She is a big fan of beer, and likes the funky, flavorful saisons and sours. She works as a graphic designer, and in her spare time enjoys home brewing with Joe, trying her hand at making cheese, and sewing stuffed animals for kids.



Official Pourer Bryan is currently an archaeologist for an engineering firm in Pittsburgh. He enjoys French and Indian War reenacting, where he frequently portrays George Washington. Bryan has been featured in several movies as our first president, including Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington and George Washington's First War: The Battles for Fort Duquesne.



Food Ambassador Kate graduated from culinary school and is searching for the perfect place to show off her sweet chef skills. She adds these studies to her already natural talent for cooking and baking. Kate enjoys reenacting with Bryan and is a very skilled historical clothing designer.



D.M. Tim is a frequent contributor to the podcast and puts a humorous spin on things, but isn't a big wine buff himself. He leaves the grapes to the rest of the geeks.