Weekly Wine Reviews: Apothic Inferno


I’m standing in my kitchen simultaneously making coffee, soothing a whining toddler, toasting waffles and scrolling through facebook as moms are wont to do at 7am on their day off from work, when suddenly, the sound of things breaking, cats fighting and waffles popping fades into the background. The ball […]

EPISODE 153: Interview with Alexandra Doniger

Hector Wine Company

Chris and Jen meet with Alexandra Doniger, assistant winemaker and social media and events marketer for Hector Wine Company on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes. We enjoyed some of their tasty Essence Syrah and find out how Alexandra landed in the Finger Lakes, doing Jen’s dream job.    

EPISODE 147: Apothic Dark


Where the heck have we been? I bet you’re wondering. Well, the truth is, Bryan and Kate have been working on some projects that have kept their weekends tied up. No weekends means no podcasting. But they’re back and so we’re back!