EPISODE 151: Once Upon a Vine, The Big Bad Red Blend


Who was there:
Jen, Chris, Bryan, Kate, and Tim

What happened:

  • This theme wine, believe it or not, is NOT from Lodi … it is from big distributor Diego (which also brings you Guinness).
  • Bryan suggests that we have a blind tasting of random wine flavors.
  • We discuss opening a strip club/day care center called “Whiskey Nipples.”
  • Chris randomly brings up the topic of regrets and makes us all awkwardly share ours … we all lie.

Notes: cherries, chocolate, vanilla, cocoa … a typical big red blend.

Taste: “big” zinfandel flavor, a hint of sweetness, heavy alcohol, black pepper, and a touch of sweetness and tobacco.



chris east coast wine geek

Chris || 88

jen east coast wine geek

Jen || 88
The tannins translate into spices: that makes it interesting.

 bryan east coast wine geekBryan || 88

kate east coast wine geek

Kate || 87
Great with chocolate, pork or beef.