EPISODE 147: Apothic Dark

Where the heck have we been? I bet you’re wondering. Well, the truth is, Bryan and Kate have been working on some projects that have kept their weekends tied up. No weekends means no podcasting. But they’re back and so we’re back!

Who was there:
Bryan, Kate, Chris, Jen, Tim

What did we talk about? Chris is making wine. There’s a batch of Bacco Noir and DeChaunic fermenting, but that’s not done yet, so we’ll just have to drink this Apothic Dark.

The wine

Color: as the name implies, it’s very dark. It coats the glass with thick legs. It’s a very deep berry/blood color. The color holds all the way to the edges.

Nose: Everything good in a red wine: vanilla, cherry, tobacco and leather.

Taste: Wow! Very big for a mainstream wine. It has Petit Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Teroldego. The dark fruit and smooth, thick mouthfeel of the Petit Syrah combine with the pepper of the Cabernet Sauvignon. There are hints of leather. It’s drinkable right out of the bottle, the tannins are calmed, so it is not a wine that needs to be aged or aerated. Whiskey drinkers would love it.



Chris || 89
You can drink it right now!


Jen || 91
They did a really good job blending these wines. It’s really balanced and I like the flavors. Great nose, mouthfeel, flavor palate … an excellent sensory experience!

 ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 91
Apothic makes wines beyond what they should be for the price point. This wine is one of the best value plays out there.


Kate || 90
Fantastic. I really, really like the mouthfeel. The color is beautiful. The taste is excellent. I really like the nose, too. I would love it with some goat cheese.