EPISODE 146: Bellwether Liberty Spy Hard Cider



Who was there? Bryan, Kate, Jen, Chris, Tim and Joe

What happened on the podcast: Everyone is in a meat coma after eating giant steaks. Joe is double fisting beer and cider. Brian explains what a honey hop is.

About the wine … ahem, cider

This is actually a cider from the Bellwether Cidery in the Finger Lakes. It is made from a mix of Liberty and Spy apples. Jen and Chris visited earlier this year and a visit is recommended. The place is beautiful and the people there were nice, plus they have many tasty ciders to sample.

The nose: crisp apples, dry Riesling, bread yeast and honey.

Taste: fizzy. Crisp, juicy and dry. Brown fruit flavors with bread. Acidic at the start, but soft at the end. Very refreshing, dry, and light. The light dry finish makes you want to have another sip.

Perfect for eating after a giant steak!

Special note: Fingerlakes Cider Week is coming up (October 4-13, 2013) and there will be a Cider maker’s dinner, seminars and cider specials.


Scores (on the wine scale):


Chris || 88


Jen || 85



Joe || 85
Very crisp, very good for fall. If you like beer and you’re not as into wine, I would recommend it.


ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 88


Kate || 86
It’s lovely. A great palate cleanser and would go really well with pork.