Mini-class No. 5 … Understanding how wine ages

“Just like wine, I improve with age” is a common slogan found on many t-shirts and aprons at winery gift shops. But is it true? Although your Aunt Sally may very well improve with age, the same cannot be said for all wines. Most wines, in fact, are meant to […]

Mini-class No. 1 … Understanding the 100 point wine scale

Newcomers to the world of wine may find themselves perplexed about the wine rating system. Wine ratings from critics and publications such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast are very important to the success of a particular wine. Highly rated wines are more likely to be purchased by consumers. Choosing the right […]

Mini-class No. 2 … Wine tasting like a pro

Wine can be a complicated subject, and it is easy to get intimidated by its many aspects. Whether you are new to wine or have been enjoying it for awhile, these tips on tasting can help you to enjoy your wine on a deeper level. When tasting wine, you can […]

Mini-class No. 3 … How to enjoy wine (even if it gives you a headache)

Many would-be wine lovers have given up on wine after just a few tastes due to unpleasant side effects from drinking it. Headaches and unpleasant head sensations, flushing, nausea and bloating are among symptoms that keep people from enjoying wine. If you are one of the people who experiences adverse […]

Mini-class No. 4 … Understanding Noble Rot

So, you’ve heard the term “Noble Rot,” but what is it? Bet you never thought a fungus could make such incredible wine. Read on to discover how. Fungus … friend or foe? Botrytis Cinera can either be a destructive pest or great friend to a wine maker, depending on weather and […]