EPISODE 84: Taylor Port


  Taylor Port is one of the oldest and most famous port houses in the world … but that is not the port that we are drinking! We discuss this $5.00 classic from the Finger Lakes to wind down after a heart-stopping Steeler game!  

EPISODE 83: Paradocx Pail Pink


  We start the season and the year with our new drinking buddies, the ladies of Bitchburgh. We drink wine in a paint can, and assign everyone new nicknames … hilarity ensues!  

EPISODE 77: Lucky Duck Chardonnay


  The Geeks kick off the Holiday podcast season with this “just for fun” wine, while we give pointers on what to do with your leftover Halloween candy.  

EPISODE 70: Mazza Vineyards Vidal Blanc


  From the winery that brought us some great port last season, we try a very nice Vidal Blanc while discussing Joe’s and Bryan’s modeling careers.