EPISODE 118: McGregor Highland Red


  Chris and Jen are back from the Finger Lakes with lots of new wine to share! We start with this old favorite from a favorite winery … FIFO!  

EPISODE 115: Un4seen Red


  “Great wines break the rules and un4seen is no exception” (Great wine geeks break the rules and are no exception either!)  

EPISODE 105: Fontana Candida Frascati


  Remember when it was hot outside? Kate, Bryan, Jen, Chris and Joe do! We enjoy this sprightly Italian white wine while talking in the 3rd person.  

EPISODE 104: Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc


  The Geeks enjoy some “Barefoot” Sauvignon Blanc and Jen recounts the most embarrassing story ever. Find out what happened when she found herself locked out of the house … naked!

Midweek Quickie Promo!

EPISODE 8: The Winery at Wilcox Cabernet Sauvignon Chris’s vision is blurry, but it’s not from the wine … yet! About the wine Maker: The Winery at Wilcox Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Region: Elk County, PA Price: $12.99 Where to buy: At the winery, satellite store or online www.wineryatwilcox.net

EPISODE 89: Hunt Country Alchemy


  Ok, so you know the wine is Hunt Country Alchemy, but Chris made Bryan, Kate and Jen guess what it was. Was Chris able to stump the geeks? Find out!