EPISODE 145: Baldo’s Red 2010 Syrah


  This is a home made Syrah sourced from California grapes from Chris’s coworker. So, unless you know Baldo, you’re not getting any. About the wine Nose: light, brown fruit Flavor: fizzy … but a rich mouthfeel and red fruit. A slight licorice flavor with a light, soft finish.  All […]

EPISODE 144: Lieb Cellars Bridge Lane Rosé


  Chris and Jen start making plans to visit Long Island. Chris finds it necessary to tell us that this rose is not white zinfandel. Jen is really excited that this rose is 100% Cabernet Franc. Other topics of discussion: William Shatner, voices on tape, childhood discipline, what that spoon […]

EPISODE 139: Mt. Hope El Puerto del Dragon

mt-hope-el-puerto feature

  Who Was There:  Bryan, Kate, Chris, Jen, Tim, and Joe    About the wine We were SO excited that Chris FINALLY let us have one of the dessert wines … but did we wait too long? Unfortunately, yes! This bottle of Mt. Hope El Puerto del Dragon is about […]

EPISODE 122: Three Brothers 4 degrees of Riesling


  It’s May and that means it’s Riesling Month in the Finger Lakes. We couldn’t pick just one, so we tried 4 Rieslings with different sweetness levels from Three Brothers Wineries.    

EPISODE 121: Gocce Di Salice Salentino


  We put a fire in the fire pit and try this wine that none of us can pronounce. It was such a great podcast, even the birds were tweeting about it.  

EPISODE 119: Thistlethwaite Farm House Red


Bryan’s rock star brother, Brandon, stops by for a visit and we try to figure out who is more famous, while enjoying this new red from Thistlethwaite Vineyards. Oh, and we go on a Marcellus Shale rant.