EPISODE 139: Mt. Hope El Puerto del Dragon

mt-hope-el-puerto feature


Who Was There: 
Bryan, Kate, Chris, Jen, Tim, and Joe 


About the wine

We were SO excited that Chris FINALLY let us have one of the dessert wines … but did we wait too long?

Unfortunately, yes! This bottle of Mt. Hope El Puerto del Dragon is about 4 years old and it has lost its core. It tastes like a very hollow, watered down, slightly sticky version of concord grape juice.

Important to note, we have had this port before and it is usually very good. One of our favorites, so it is certainly not a port for aging.




Chris || 78
I think we waited too long.


Jen || 78


 ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 78


Kate || 76-78

The moral of the story is: if you have it, drink it!