EPISODE 138: Bully Hill Special Reserve St. Croix



This wine was developed by Elmer Swenson way back in 1983 especially to grow in the cold climate of Minnesota. We come to the sad realization that Kate was not born yet in 1983 …

Who was there: 
Chris, Jen, Kate, Joe, and Tim.


About the Wine

Color: Super dark purple in color

Nose: Spice, basil, salt, dark berries

Taste: it’s like drinking blood that’s been soaked in an oak cask, low in tannins, smooth and deep in flavor with a pleasing after taste.

Because it isn’t high in tannins, you should drink it rather than hold onto it.

Pair it with: “stinky” cheese (says Bryan) 




Chris || 90
A probationary 90.


Jen || 89
I like hybrids, I like the bloodiness and food friendliness of it. It’s so dark and brooding.


 ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 93
For them to be able to make a wine this tasty with a rather new hybrid grape for $12 is incredible.


Kate || 89
It’s so dark and brooding, I feel like I want to try and save this wine.