EPISODE 130: The Oktoberfest Episode


In this episode, we review the Washington Hills late harvest Riesling and Samuel Adams 13th Hour Stout. That’s right, our first beer!

Who was there: 
Bryan, Kate, Tim, Jen, Chris and Tribble

What happened on the show: We find out what everyone was doing in 1988. Kate says smorgan … a lot.  Jen coughs … a lot.  We discuss famous Germans (besides Hitler).  Bryan and Chris vent about work, Tim vents about laundry, Jen vents about her cold.  We talk about “How booze made America.”


About the Wine

Nose: sweet, floral and honey, with a lot of alcohol

Taste: high acid and high sugar. Flavors of tart apple, balanced like a “good lemonade”


Chris || 85
Very drinkable.


Jen || ??
Can’t taste a thing.


ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 87


Kate || 84.5
It’s good, but it’s not for everything.




 About the Beer

Nose: Coffee, toffee, and malt

Taste: Dark chocolate, wood smoke, “log cabin,” dark dried red fruit


Chris || 90
It’s a good entry beer.


Jen || ???
Still can’t taste a thing.


 ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 90 (or 4.5)


Kate || 90.2 (or 4.57)
… ’cause she likes it even better than Bryan.