EPISODE 144: Lieb Cellars Bridge Lane Rosé



Chris and Jen start making plans to visit Long Island.

Chris finds it necessary to tell us that this rose is not white zinfandel.

Jen is really excited that this rose is 100% Cabernet Franc.

Other topics of discussion: William Shatner, voices on tape, childhood discipline, what that spoon with the hole in the middle is for and how women talk too quietly.


About the wine

Nose: crisp, juicy strawberries, sweetness and minerality (chalk, limestone)

Palate: Nice acidity and minerality, tart strawberries, with a deep tannic Cabernet Franc Core.




Chris || 88
It’s a really good rosé.


Jen || 90
I love that Cabernet Franc core.


 ECWG-bryan01Bryan || 85
It’s a little acidic for me—it’s a personal thing. It’s really a technically good rosé.


Kate || 87
I like the acidity.